Cut Once

Software Development and Consultancy

We are two full-stack Generalists who create bespoke software solutions.

We have created Enterprise Web Applications (serving millions of users and terabytes of data a month), Mobile apps, distributed micro-service architectures and custom algorithms. We are also experienced in analytics, SEO, UX and UI, and can recruit and develop software teams.

We believe passionately in well-crafted code, and in transparent and open dialogue with our clients.

What We Do

Currently, we are focussed on Microservice Architectures using Docker and Kubernetes. Our most recent project ( makes extensive use of Kubernetes, and as a result we are now adept at developing and deploying web applications at scale.

In terms of software stack, our most recent tools have been C# (using .NET Core, EF Core), Typescript, Javascript ES6, PostgreSQL and Node.js. We have also worked very recently with MS SQL Server, and deployed to both Azure and the Google Cloud Platform. Previously, we have worked in C++, Java, C, WPF and Objective-C.

Our Approach

We're opinionated yet pragmatic. We review our thinking, our code and working practices often.

We keep an ear to the ground for new technologies, and look to integrate these in to our workflows when appropriate.

We deliver big things with minimum overheads. We don’t have a dedicated office premises or support staff and we work as flexibly as possible.

Our Experience

Our first project together was started in 2010. Created on a shoe-string in the pre-Spotify age, we launched (the web’s first real-time search engine), indexing over 20,000 radio stations and generating custom ‘genre fingerprints’ for each (see this lifehacker article for a brief review).

During this period we gained valuable experience in many areas including:

Our work on Radio Tuna led on to us being hired by The Printspace to take over a large and complex product that had been in development for over a year. It had grown organically and was at risk of failure, so our initial work focussed on ensuring it launched successfully. Within three months we achieved this, and then continued working with them to develop innovative features that added value to the business. We also recruited and established an in-house software team, and implemented Agile working methodologies that continue to this day.

After stepping back from day-to-day operations at The Printspace, we began a period of Research and Development in to Microservices and Scalable Architectures, centered around Kubertes and Google's Cloud Platform. We used the knowledge we gained to develop an in-house product called Pixelshift, which we have written from scratch over a 6 month period.

Pixelshift has been the most challenging project we have undertaken so far, requiring the use of a wide range of technologies. We are particularly pleased with the REST API, as it conforms to the OpenAPI standard and allows for automatic code generation via autorest. The full stack includes:

The site is also fully responsive.

Who We Are

We are Chris Martin-Sperry and Will Jenkins, and we've been close friends since meeting at University.

Christopher Martin-Sperry

Chris has a degree in Artificial Intelligence from Sussex University and worked in Telecomms and eElearning. He then became a freelancer, before going in to business with Will. In his spare time he hangs out on Stack Overflow.

William Jenkins

Will studied Electronic Engineering, with an MSc and PhD from University College London. He worked in mobile and satellite comms for several years before partnering up with Chris.